Change is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to become different, to make (someone or something) different, and/or to become something else”.  I am getting ready to go through a change in my life.  I am changing jobs and hope to change a bit of who I am as well. My current employer has decided to no […]

The Perfect Body – Part 2

Ah, body image… Perhaps you scrolled through and looked at the photos in this post and thought to yourself, ‘She’s thin…what could SHE possibly have to say about poor body image?’ Simply put, a lot. You see, body image is something that is very personal and something that each and every one of us deal […]

The 4 x 4 Diet by Erin Oprea #review

In Erin Oprea’s new book, The 4 x 4 Diet, you learn about the 4 key foods and 4 minute workouts that will help change the way you feel about yourself in only 4 weeks.  I was uncertain about the going in, but thought I’d give it a chance.  Her motto being, “Lean and Clean” has […]

The Perfect Body

Everyone saw Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ campaign a couple years ago and must remember the backlash they received for the bodies they portrayed as being “perfect”.  That campaign received over thousands of signatures on a petition to change that campaign and apologize for making women feel even more insecure about themselves than they already do.  […]

Good Days…Bad Days…

You get your good days in life where you’re happy with how things are going – maybe you’ve achieved something you’ve been working toward, you’ve lost those extra couple of pounds, you’ve gotten a bonus at work, you’ve made a new dish at home and it went over well with the family, or even just […]

Amazing Post in the Making

I am so excited to let you all know that I have an amazing post in the making!  This is a post that I have been working on for a little bit…it’s all about body image and self confidence. Without going too much into it, I have struggled with my self image for a long […]

#Struggles by Craig Groeschel #review

What did we all do 10…15…20 years ago without our cell phones?  How did we keep in touch without Snapchat and Facebook?  How did we know if we looked okay without the instantaneous feedback of a friend or even a complete stranger giving us a virtual thumbs up?  Craig Groeschel writes about to remain focused on […]

Wonderland by Amily Shen #review

It has become so popular to color as an adult that they now have entire sections at bookstores for adult coloring books.  These books are the new trend and everyone seems to be hopping on board and either buying them or producing them.  When I saw Wonderland by Amily Shen available, I had to have […]